Welcome to the Compassion Collars Project!

Are you concerned with being able to see your pet at night?

Do you find it difficult to keep track of where your dog is at the Off Leash park at night?

Can automobiles see you and your dog walking down darker streets? 

Would you like to help contribute to helping our local animal rescues and shelters and wish you could do more?


Then you are in the right place!

Lighted Dog Collars & Leashes

The Compassion Collar Project


The Compassion Collar Sisters have a solution for your needs. Please explore the site and learn how you can help animals in our local shelters while keeping your own pet safe!

Lighted LED dog collars and Leashes are sold on our products page.

If you have any questions please contact us through our Contact Us page.  We encourage folks to make a donation that goesdirectly to the shelters.

Thank you for your help with our project.


The Compassion Collar Sisters



Introducing The Compassion Collar Sisters !

Compassion Collar Sisters

BISS Champion Shale Morgan of Meadoway with the Compassion Collar Sisters

Hello and welcome to our site, we are the Compassion Collars Sisters!

Pictured here with our dog Shale who is now at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us. He taught us the value of a best friend. He also taught us that it is hard to see a black lab in the dark!

Over the years we have always tried to help the local rescue organizations here in Manitoba in various ways such as selling lemonaide on hot days, or collecting “Canadian Tire money” for shelters.  When we saw this opportunity, we thought it would be a neat project.  We hope that you will try our products and in doing so, you will be helping others animals get a second chance. We thank you for your help!

Sincerely   Alyssa,  Syrah  and  Kaelyn

The Compassion Collar Sisters


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The Compassion Collars Project!

 Our mission is collecting donations for local pet rescues while making Dog and owner safety our top priority.

 These Dog Collars Look Great

With EVERY collar and leash sold, proceeds will be donated quarterly to animal rescues!! Our collars and leashes are top quality, durable and can be seen from over 200 meters away. 


Compassionate Collars LED collars and leashes use soft 100% Nylon webbing, flat LED fiber optic material, and quality side release buckles with a stainless steel D-Ring to create a safe, comfortable collar and leash. Our flat LED fiber optic material is the brightest on the market and can seen from over 200 meters away, making you and your pet very visible. LED pet collars are also useful when letting your pet out for potty duty, you can see where they are and what they are doing.

Our collars and leashes are water resistant but not waterproof and well suited for use during rainy days or fun puddle splashing. Simply remove the fiber optic LED from the collar before swimming and baths, continuing to use the collar itself!

The LED collar has 3 different modes: Fast Flash, Slow Flash, and Solid. It also comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) that range from 6″-24″ in length. The 1″ collar and leash come in 7 bright colors, including red, blue, green, orange, pink, black, and yellow.  
The LED light and fiber optic does not emit any sort of heat. The Compassion Collar Project’s  LED collars and leashes are water resistant and washable; just remove the battery pack and flat LED fiber optic material before washing, let dry, and place back in. Washing the collar frequently keeps it bright and long lasting.

Size of LED light source in Dog CollarWhat’s more important is if your pet bites or chews the collar or leash that it be safe! As the illuminated material is optical, and NOT the electronic component itself, your pet will not be harmed by biting or chewing this product. If your pet chews the battery pack, the batteries will simply become disengaged and not work. Additionally, the LED light and fiber optic material does not emit any sort of heat. This collar is the safest and best designed LED collar and leash set available!

2 Batteries With Every Collar & LeashEach collar and leash takes two CR2032 cell batteries that can easily be replaced. These batteries will last approximately 72 continuous hours; that’s equivalent to over three months of daily one hour walks! Batteries can be purchased at most retail stores, or from us.

 The Compassion Collar Project’s  LED pet collar and leash manufacturer has many years and experience with LED collar and leash design. Meeting international requirements, our collars and leashes are both CE and RoHS Certified. 

Our mission is collecting donations for local pet rescues while making Dog and owner safety our top priority.



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With EVERY Collar and Leash sold,

proceeds will be donated quarterly to Animal Rescues!!


Compassion Collars Project

Not only will you be making sure your pet is safe, you will also be making sure that our abandoned and injured animals are safe. With EVERY Collar and Leash sold, proceeds will be donated quarterly to Animal Rescues!! Feel good about purchasing from the Compassion Collar Project while donating to your fellow furry friends!


XSmall to Extra Large  Collars

Color Choices For Dog Collars

Color Choices For Dog Collars

  Collars are adjustable from 10″-24″ inches in length. They are 1″ inch wide. 
These collars are suitable for dogs betweem 10 and 140 lbs. 
Measure your existing collar to make sure you know what size to order. These collars take our CR2032 sized batteries.


   1″  Inch Wide  Leash

Keep Your Pet Safe  with Lighted LED Dog Collar & Leash

Keep Your Pet Safe

Lighted LED Leashes 1" wide

Lighted LED Leashes

Leashes are 36″ inches in length and 1″ inch wide, price $25.00 CDN

They light up, just like the LED collars! They are very strong and take 2 CR2032 batteries. Our 1″ thick leashes match our Small to X Large collars. They are very bright and durable!! Lighted leashes add an extra safety factor to ensure that you and your dog will be seen on those dark roads.


Leash Colours


Batteries for Dog Collars

CR2032 Set - These batteries fit the Small-X Large collars and the 1″ wide leashes. 

They last approximately 72 hours of use. Replacement batteries are less expensive from our website than in stores!!!  Each collar or leash have two batteries included.






Other Info

100% Satisfaction Return PolicyLighted Dog Collar Choices

1. We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy. Any item can be returned within two weeks of receipt of shipment for a full refund on the cost of goods (excluding shipping charges), if returned intact. All returns must be received by us within 15 business days to qualify for a refund.
2. Returns, due to manufacturers defect, must be authorized via the Contact Us Page. The return shipping cost will be refunded depending on the situation and outlined the authorization E-mail sent via the Contact Us Page. Products will be replaced at no extra cost, if deemed a manufacturers defect.
3. All errors arising from miscommunication on verbal orders will be the sole responsibility of the customer and they will be accountable for return freight. Please submit orders in writing/webstore via the products page.
4. All returns must be shipped by ground Postal Service to avoid any customs and brokerage charges. If returned by any other shipping method, customers will be responsible for those charges.5. All products must be returned in saleable condition. Partially used, chewed or dirty products will not be credited. If we do not receive the merchandise or if it is damaged, we will not issue a refund or credit until we have a tracking number and can find the product. Tracking the returned product will be the responsibility of the customer. 6. All orders are processed in Canadian Funds. Your credit card company will convert to your applicable currency when the transaction is completed.

Shipping Information

1. Shipping can take anywhere from 3-28 business days, depending on your location. Overseas orders can take up to 60 days depending on customs.
2. We ship via Canada Post. Shipping rates are  $10.00 locally, for up to 3 items. We are happy to provide quotes if you want to order more than 3 collar and leashes.
3. In order to keep shipping costs down, each order is treated individually and categorized into the appropriate size box. Products may or may not come in official The Compassion Collar Project packaging. This is to keep our Global Imprint down and save on shipping costs.

Product Use and Warnings

1. Collars and Leashes are not designed for 24/7 use. Please do not leave your dog unattended with the LED/Fiber Optic component in the product. The LED/Fiber Optic could be chewed on and ingested and cause impaction. The Compassion Collar Project will not assume responsibility for any ingested components of the Collar and Leash.
2. Collars and Leashes are water-resistant only, not water proof. Collars can be worn in the rain or snow. Please take the LED/Fiber Optic Component out of the product prior to swimming.
3. Collars and Leashes are not chew toys, do not leave your pet unattended while wearing.